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So who are ABSold? What makes ‘ABSold’ different to the world of gaming review websites out there? Use the tabs below to find your desired answers.

Editorschoicex2 About Us Firstly, what is ABSold striving to achieve?

About Us : ABSold has a simple message; in this hectic time, with information overload at an all time high, we want to present games to you in their simplest form. Is it good? Is it worth your money? How long does it take to get started? We’re still delivering the full, quality reviews that gamers have come to expect, but also bite sized summaries of the review for people to check when time is limited. ABSold focuses on every type of game from the big to the small, the mainstream to the unusual, every title is treated equally.

About Us Simple About Us

We want to be up front about our practices as well; after all, why would you trust our opinion about the value for money of a game if we got a press copy for free? We’ll let you know the circumstances surrounding our reviews; length of time played, cost to us (if any) etc and let you guys decide if our reviews hold up…

Editorschoicex2 About Us The ‘Casual’ About Us…

About Us : We’re a two man outfit. Sort of. Pinky and The Brain. Ant and Dec. Bill and Ted. The Chuckle Brothers. We’ve been playing games since we could, and writing about games since we learned that Word auto-corrects our spelling mistakes. We started up a blog a few years ago that transformed into D22 Zone; a semi successful website that was a massive learning curve for both of us. We learned a lot, made a whole load of mistakes, but we never deterred from our main aim; making the best, and most accessible, gaming coverage we can. We took that idea and distilled it down, stripped back all of the unnecessary noise and arrived here.

Editorschoicex2 About Us The ‘Corporate’ Introduction

About Us : ABSold is a British gaming website featuring articles, news, reviews and interviews surrounding PC Games. The organisation was established in March 2014 by their respected founders who had previously created and developed D22 Zone, a successful, all-encompassing video gaming portal featuring over 7,000 community members. D22 Zone was later to be acquired at the end of 2013 by a private investor.

ABSold Corporate Introduction1 About Us

Unlike most other gaming websites, ABSold’s core message is to present game reviews in their simplest form, stripping back any unnecessary and irrelevant information, providing the full, quality reviews that gamers have come to expect, but also bite sized summaries of the review for visitors to look over when time is limited.