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We do our utmost to explore the majesty of the internet; trawling through forums, reddit and receiving endless Press Releases to find new games to cover, but sometimes we’re bound to miss something. We do our best to find the games you’re making, but occasionally we need your help!

If you’re out there making a game and want us to have a look at it then let us know! Send us something to look at, something to play, something to show off to the world! We don’t care if you’re a one man team making your first game, or a massive team making your one millionth game – we want to hear from you.

That said, we have some guidelines:

If at all possible we want something to get our grubby hands on. It’s a lot easier for us to chat about stuff that we’ve played, rather than seen. But, if there’s nothing ready and playable just yet, send us some media, talk to us a bit about your game and we’re happy to do a follow up article when there is something to play.
On Early Access – one thing we’re trying to achieve with ABSold is a better understanding of Early Access titles. If you’re game is early access then absolutely let us know, let us know the direction you’re going and, if at all possible, be clear with us about how your patches and iterations will affect the game for your players in real terms. We want to cover Early Access, but we want to be honest with our readers about the long term project, as well as the initial release.
While we may have our fingers on the pulse of games (we own a number of consoles, but know nothing about iOS gaming unfortunately) this website covers PC Games exclusively.
It is very, very rare that we will cover Kickstarter projects during their Kickstarter campaigns. We don’t want to persuade people to part with their money on a campaign that might not materialise into the game that was promised. We will cover playable titles and pass opinion as best we can.

If you’re happy with all of that nonsense then you can email using the contact form below! We assign projects to the person we think best fits the title, if there’s someone you have in mind then you can specify that in your email!