Review : Mirrors Edge


Here’s another from the dusty review bookcase. How about it, to start ABSold’s magical adventure with a review of one of the most enjoyable, fast action paced, heart pulsing games there has ever been. Enjoy!

Mirrors Edge is like George Orwell’s 1984 in a sense. You are in a policed state you are unable to access uncensored media, or media that isn’t run by the government and its totalitarianism regime. But you are able to live a “Comfortable” life in a “Utopian” city which has almost no crime at least the media says so.

Mirrors Edge is…Well it’s a First person…shooter? No it’s a parkour simulator with first person shooter aspects thrown in. In Mirror’s Edge you are dropped in training as Faith with very little information other than you were recently hurt in a fall after a parkour incident and that you are a Runner. A runner is a courier who delivers messages and other items to someone by the means of running around the city jumping from roof top to roof top. Rather than the person use the highly monitored communication systems of the current city. The story rapidly progresses from there as you quickly run into the police force that opens fire on, which is made clear that is not a normal response by your trainer, Merc. The game quickly moves forward and develops each character very nicely I’d rather not give away the story which to me was a great story line.

Aside from the story, the graphics in the game are beautiful. The bright whites, reds, and blues are a very nice change from the dark brown and grey’s of most games out today. The bloom can be a problem against the whites on the rooftops and the walls it’s nearly impossible to see anything but pure white. It’s also awesome in actually having legs you can physically see! Oh these bright red toe trainers Faith is wearing. Simple things like this add so much…

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The gameplay of Mirrors Edge is well done, at least on the PC. The controls aren’t hard to learn and they are laid out very nicely on the keyboard. It is very easy to navigate and surprisingly smooth for a game that is so original. It does however have a few glitches when trying to jump, I’d get stuck on a crate as I’m getting shot at, or jump half a second too late and end up having the back pedal to a spot where I can get speed again. Though I also have played it on the PS3, it is much harder to get to know the controls of the game and it can be problematic when you’re running away from the cops and trying to open a bloody door, and suddenly you spin around and see the cops blow your head off because you hit the wrong button. The animations are very well done for the most part, there are some cheesy ones from time to time, or some that make no sense. Like when you jump off a building land right next to a wall and do a complete roll sitting still against the wall. There is plenty of detail put into how you’re to navigate the vast city. Look for the red is the basics of the game, if you see red, normally your best option is to run to it and try to jump off of it or grab onto it.

The combat in the game is the thing that would need most improvement on if any. It was very unresponsive for me when I tried to attack or disarm someone. I’d normally miss the person completely and get a gun to the face, or be way too fast….then get a gun to the face. Trying to drop kick someone was almost impossible, I just never could do it and I’d always get shot mid-air and fall, or derp and fly right past the person! (I managed to subsequently land a bad-ass drop kick and press the print-screen button!)

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The sound design was bloomin marvellous and the music was right on cue and always matched the situation. The weapon sounds were a little off but really nothing so bad it could be noticed. The best part of course for me was the ending credits song which has become one of my most favourite pieces out there.

All in all I really enjoyed playing Mirror’s Edge, its story was very compelling and it could easily be made into a sequel if DICE decides they want to. Oh wait, they are! (Yay!). The style and presentation was almost perfect other than some annoying bloom effects. The controls were spot on for the PC and ‘kind of worked’ for consoles – Xbox controls worked well for me compared to that of PS3. Gameplay was wonderful until it came to combat which was glitchy and just off kilter all the time. However, hard practice and you could disarms your enemies in no time. Sound was wonderful for the most part and it really helped with the whole ‘immersion’ objective.

Overall – what a bloody brilliant piece of design. Thumbs up EA.