Aviary Attorney at EGX Rezzed this week

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I did not know I needed this until I saw it.

Whenever I see a game like Aviary Attorney I think “how am I going to try and explain this to people?” I have a look at screenshots, I read around a little bit and I see what the developers have to say about their game. Well here we go then, Aviary Attorney is…

Well it is a lawyer game, much like the Ace Attorney series that has graced Nintendo handhelds, and mobile devices, over the past decade. Unlike the Japanese series, which is essentially a series of puzzles with very little pressure, Aviary Attorney promises unique time mechanics; whereby every discussion you have, and every decision you make, can have an impact on the trial. Jayjay Falcon, the player controlled defence attorney, travels around an 1848 Paris in an effort to prove their clients innocent.

Thankfully, in a welcome move that most games seem to completely misunderstand, the game does not end on a “guilty” verdict for a client. With the promise of branching storylines as well, Aviary Attorney is shaping up to be an extremely interesting game. The art, too, is glorious; based on illustrations by J.J. Grandville of court room scenes. The game is true to those; with evocative line work and surreal characters.

Aviary Attorney will be available in June for PC, costing about lb7, and will, if you’re around, be available to play at EGX Rezzed this week in London. Be to sure to pop down and check out the game in the Leftfield Collection.