Descent: Underground is being Kickstarted

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This brings me back to my Playstation One days.

I played Descent as a small child on my Playstation One. I was rubbish at it, didn’t really understand it much but I loved flying around super fast and smashing into things in my underground spaceship. If I had had a better grasp of language I might have described it as exhilarating. But now I’m *ahem* older, and the promise of a new Descent game, being made by a group of developers with millions of years worth of experience is an exciting prospect.

The game is asking for a mere $600,000 and is, at the time of writing, already $115,000 into that goal after less than a day in existence. The game is being helmed by Eric “Wingman” Peterson, formerly the President of Production and Development for that other mammoth space game Star Citizen. This rebooted Descent is, if the pitch video is anything to go by, a MOBA type game. With teams of up to 16 competing across a variety of maps and modes. By featuring destructible environments the maps are far more open to exploration than any standard MOBA; with powerups and resources hidden in the darkest and deepest corners of each.

The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 and even in the work in progress footage in the pitch video looks like its starting to come together already. Should the game reach its goals, which is looking like a guarantee at this rate, it is scheduled to come out in the middle of next year. You have already missed out on the first early bird tier, but there are still limited ones left at the slightly higher price tier. Get on it now to avoid disappointment, failing that you’re looking at about $35 for the game on Kickstarter.

You can back the project and watch the pitch video here!