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I’m watching Crystal Palace vs Liverpool.

That’s the life update out of the way. I played hets a few nights ago and it’s been on my mind since. It’s such a weird problem though; I’m waiting for Dragon Age: Inquisition in the post and, if it had arrived, I probably wouldn’t have played anything else this week. What a shame that would have been; hets is wonderful.

It’s an unashamedly difficult, 2D shooter. You’re placed into each arena and tasked with destroying a small number of statues to unlock the next level. There are, of course, enemies in each as well; but it’s not necessary that you kill them too. It’s that distinction which I think is hets’s greatest strength; most games ask you to kill everything, but by forcing you to prioritise, and giving you the option to ignore, it’s far more engaging.

When you complete a level you’re given a choice of upgrade, with an unhelpful gentleman remarking on whichever you choose. There’s barely any loading though; complete a level, run to choose an upgrade, charge into the next level. The action itself is ferocious as well; your gun pushes you back with each shot and the enemies have no ramp up in difficulty either, they’re hard from minute one, it’s only the introduction of more enemies that makes life more difficult.

The upgrades are fantastic though; more HP, more speed, no kickback, more bullets and, my personal favourite, little flying faeries of death that fly around the level killing enemies for you. I suspect that it’s the best upgrade and a little overpowered.

In a way I’m glad Dragon Age didn’t come. hets is the perfect example of pure, ferocious action. It looks great and plays even better. You can download hets here and name your own price for doing so.