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So this isn’t exactly the game I thought it was going to be…

First of all I’ll tell you what I thought Adventurer Manager was going to be; I imagined a Crystal Chronicles: My Life as King style game. Never engaged in combat yourself; but choosing heroes, upgrading the town so your adventurers could buy better gear and having a little more management over the game as a whole.

Adventurer Manager 776x250 Impressions: Adventurer Manager

Adventurer Manager isn’t a game in that vein. That’s not to say it’s bad because of it, far from it, but people coming to the game expecting that high level management should look elsewhere.

So what do we have? Adventurer Manager is a simple game; it’s a game about managing a “clan” of adventurers of various different classes and combining them into a party of four and conquering various challenges set by your Kingdom’s inhabitants while levelling up your adventurers. There’s a main plot, of course, that has missions at various levels and difficulties, but the game allows for a hefty bit of grinding (if you should so choose.) It’s almost a staple of the JRPG genre; and Adventurer Manager very much falls in line with the Dragon Quests and Final Fantasies of the world.

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You spend a lot of time navigating through equipment menus choosing the best gear for your team, and the rest of your time is spent in a very traditional JRPG battle screen. It’s actually an aspect of the game I’m quite fond of; there’s not many animations to speak of, but what’s here is simple and effective. Front row and back row party tactics might not be extremely advanced, but JRPG fans will feel right at home. My one criticism at the party select menu is that the class of unit you’re selecting isn’t immediately apparent; just a word above the character details that says “Cleric” would be a great addition.

The graphics are fine as well. Some will bemoan them; the characters in particular can be a little simplistic, but the environments and world map look great. The one plus the characters have by being simplistic is that equipped gear is displayed on your characters, a welcome change from many JRPGs where character design is, for some reason, paramount.

Adventurer Manager3 776x250 Impressions: Adventurer Manager

The game does, unfortunately, throw around labels like “Rare” and “Legendary” a little too frequently; even the first dungeon drops legendary gear. It’s an odd choice, one I suspect is slightly tongue in cheek, but as a staple sign of progression it’s somewhat devaluing your achievements.

The game’s weakest aspect so far is the sound; the NPCs have short, sharp sounds that are awful. Thankfully you can specifically turn these off. The music, too, is on the weak side – but isn’t exactly to the game’s detriment.

I’ve only put a few hours into Adventurer Manager so far; but it’s interesting, and fun, enough to bring me back for short bursts of play every now and then. It may not be the management type game that I was expecting, but for people looking for a simple take on the JRPG genre then Adventurer Manager could well be the game for you.

Check out Adventurer Manager on Steam.