New ArmA 3 Video Shows Off One Hour of Gameplay of the Upcoming Zeus DLC

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ArmA 3 : Zeus DLC 80 Minutes of Footage…

Bohemia Interactive has informed ABSold about a new video for ArmA 3, which showcases one full hour of gameplay footage from the upcoming Zeus DLC. For the ones who are a fully fledged ArmA soldier, players can already download its beta build and give it a go.

Bohemia have even posted a guide to download the beta version of Zeus and all you have to do is:

“Switch to the Arma 3 devbranch on Steam, by right-clicking on Arma 3 in your Steam Library, go to ‘Properties’, click on the ‘Betas’ tab, and select the ‘Development Build’ (the game will now update). Afterwards, you can launch the game and search for a Zeus server – or create your own.”

Inspired by popular tabletop games such as ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, a limited number of players can assume the role of ‘Game Master’, and influence the multiplayer experience of those with boots on the ground. With the Zeus DLC, players can create, manipulate or expand mission content to generate new stores and a flor of challenges.

“The result is incredibly dynamic, unscripted combat gameplay – and multiplayer sessions which are filled with unexpected, challenging, and creative events.”

Editor’s Thoughts

Commanding large scale armies down to finite micro-tasking footsteps was something which I’ve never caught hold of in the gaming scene. Probably because the multi-tasking is just too much, I already suffer badly from controlling one hero in DoTA 2 for crying out loud and don’t get me started if I accidently randomed Chen. However, Battlefield 2 ‘back-in-day’ did feature a basic (compared to Zeus DLC) command system, however a commander was decided upon who could load the fastest and click that ‘apply’ button the quickest and it was very rarely decided upon ‘skill level’. So I presume that the ‘application’ system has changed since then. I also hope that many of the bugs I noticed in the play-through are eventually ironed out, for example, AI’s falling through the flat roof / disappearing.

Let us know what you think!