Sponsored Video: Battlefield Hardline – Cops n Robbers

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The time has come once again to get our teeth into the next Battlefield game series called Battlefield Hardline. Instead of adopting the usual ‘Americans vs Russians vs Chinese’ scenario which has predominantly shadowed plots in the previous series, Hardline takes a difference stance to what gamers might expect. The core focus now evolves around crime/heist elements instead of the usual military warframe which we have come to expect, opening up a few new areas for the franchise.


So what can gamers expect?

Battlefield Hardline features a variety of gameplay elements which break away from traditional game modes. With the focus now on ‘cops and robbers’ styled gameplay, players can still expect to be using a variety of military-grade weapons and vehicles that we ‘oh so love’ about the series. With added bonuses and extra’s such as tasers and handcuffs, it leaves a little more imagination than that of just the typical death match style gameplay that we are used to.

The types of game modes have also changed, these include;


  • Criminals must break into a cash filled vault then move the cash to an extraction point whilst at the same time, being ‘chased down’ by the police.

Blood Money

  • Both criminals and cops must retrieve money from an open crate in the centre of the map (contested by both sides). Players can steal money from the opposing team’s truck. The game finishes when a team’s deposits reach $5 million or whoever holds the most money when the time limit ends.

Hotwire Mode

  • Drivable cars take the role of traditional Conquest “flags.” Like Conquest, capturing cars (done by driving above a certain “cruising” speed) will bleed the enemy team’s reinforcement tickets. The team who reduces the other’s to zero or who has the most tickets remaining after the time limit wins.


  • A game mode lasting 3 minutes long see both teams (5 players each) battle it out in competitive mode. S.W.A.T officers must try to rescue hostages held by criminal forces. To win, the cops must rescue all the hostages or by killing all the criminals. Criminals win once all S.W.A.T officers are dead > Sound familiar? (CS).


  • Another competitive game mode is ‘Crosshair’. Again similar to rescue, the mode is 3 minutes long, 5 v 5 with only one life. In this game mode the criminals are trying to kill a player controlled VIP on the cops side who is a former gang member turned states witness. The criminals win by killing the VIP whilst the cops can win by getting the VIP to safety (extraction point).

A clearly ‘adopted’ but potentially well thought out set of game modes for this upcoming Battlefield Hardline game. Battlefield Hardline is available for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

This article has been sponsored by EA, all opinions are my own.