Stripping Back Any Irrelevant Information

ABSold takes a simple approach to the review process. We’ve looked at the areas that are most important to busy gamers.

Given that we’re a PC only site we felt it was important to judge how well the game performs for us. We’ll show you our specs and give you an idea of the performance of the title on our machines.
What was the last game to keep you up til 3 in the morning? The last game that made you miss a meal? Addictiveness is a category to celebrate those hooks, those simple but deadly aspects of games that keep us playing into the small hours.
‘Graphics’ was always a strange term. We won’t mark down for having “simple” graphics; instead we’ll praise those games that have a strong, cohesive, audiovisual style.
Here at ABSold we understand that two things are limited for some gamers; time and money. Pace is a category that demonstrates how quickly the game hits its stride, if there’s an excruciatingly slow tutorial or if the pacing of the game is too drawn out to artificially extend the length.
Value differs from person to person; for some the shorter, more concise titles are more preferable to sprawling epics. We’re not here to tell you what to spend your money on, but rather to give you an idea of where titles sit with us as individuals. Price can be a factor, so can quality, but ‘value’ is the bottom line.

Readers: It’s your turn!


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